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Here are some discussions going on elsewhere. Feel free to point to others in the comments.

1. The Brains blog is hosting a symposium on “Against Division: Consciousness, Information, and the Visual Streams,” by Wayne Wu (Carnegie Mellon) with commentaries from David Kaplan (Macquarie), Pete Mandik (William Paterson), and Thomas Schenk (Erlangen-Nuremberg).
2. “What is the good of job market advice?” asks Helen de Cruz (Oxford) in a post a Philosopher’s Cocoon.
3. “Is Feminist Philosophy Too… ?” — a new series of posts at Feminist Philosophers by Magicalersatz. So far, she has taken on “political” and “unrigorous.”
4. Eric Winsberg (South Florida) is trying to figure out what actually counts as ableist language at New APPS.
5. Paul Bloomfield (Connecticut) lists 10 reasons why it is good to be good at the OUP Blog.
6. Can a band be its own cover band? Aesthetics for Birds ran a reader contest on that question and announces the winners here.
7. Jonathan Phillips (Yale) canvasses some recent philosophy of manipulation at the Experimental Philosophy blog.
8. Matt King (Alabama) is the featured author at Flickers of Freedom this month.

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9 years ago

Speaking of covers: 99 Red Balloons, covered by a guy using only 99 red balloons.