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July 2014

Relationships with Students

Slate’s Rebecca Schuman reports on recent discussions in the philosophical community on relations between professors and students. Several philosophers were interviewed for the article, including Carla Fehr (Waterloo), Meena Krishnamurthy (Manitoba), Rachel McKinnon (College of Charleston), and Eric Wiland (University of Missouri–St. Louis).


The Philosophical Underclass Group

The Philosophical Underclass is a Facebook group of philosophers who request and provide electronic copies of philosophical works from and to each other. It is the idea of Kevin Timpe (Northwest Nazarene University), who explains how it came about:

I work at a university that has very poor journal access. The librarians are great at getting me just about anything vi..


Daily Nous Blocked in Russia

Anna Alexandrova (Cambridge) writes: “Dear Daily Nous, I have just tried to access you from Russia and you are blocked (see screenshot). My sincere congratulations! You are doing something right clearly.”


Immortality Project Grant Winners Announced

The Immortality Project at UC Riverside, headed up by John Martin Fischer, has announced the winners of grants totaling $1.5 million. The winners include a number of philosophers working on a variety of projects.

Philosophers among the winners include Yuval Avnur (Scripps), Christopher Belshaw (Open University), Stephan Blatti (Memphis), Ben Bradley (Syracuse), Mik..


Philosophy Tag

In our previous round, Anthony Shiver (University of Georgia) tagged A.J. Cotnoir (University of St. Andrews). The game continues, as Cotnoir makes his move… What is the logic of negation? And how could disagreements over this question ever be genuine, and not — as Quine thought — amount to merely changing the subject? In his ‘A Modality Called Ne..