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In our previous round, Anthony Shiver (University of Georgia) tagged A.J. Cotnoir (University of St. Andrews). The game continues, as Cotnoir makes his move…

What is the logic of negation? And how could disagreements over this question ever be genuine, and not — as Quine thought — amount to merely changing the subject? In his ‘A Modality Called Negation‘ forthcoming in MindFrancesco Berto proposes a comprehensive theory of negation as a modal operator where accessibility between worlds represents ‘compatibility’. This semantic framework allows us to isolate key core features that any negation must have. Berto contends that there are a number of candidates for negation, and that disagreements over e.g. the law of excluded middle or dialetheism are substantive debates between interlocutors who share a single concept. The paper is clearly written, technically precise, and offers a promising resolution to a central debate in the philosophy of logic. Francesco Berto, you are it!
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