Heap of Links

1. NPR’s Tamara Keith, a philosophy major, tells her “it doesn’t hurt to ask” story.
2. Someone who sounds a bit like Carly Rae Jepsen sings “Call Me Nietzsche” (press ►)
3. Susannah Kate Devitt (Queensland University of Technology) makes use of a few different metrics to provide a ranking of philosophy journals.
4. Chris Bertram discusses Rousseau’s moral psychology with Nigel Warburton at Philosophy Bites.
5. PBS’s Nova discusses science, religion, and philosophy with Gregg Caruso (Corning Community College).
6. Those working in bioethics or philosophy of medicine or rule consequentialism may be interested in this piece by economist Emily Oster (Chicago) on whether “doctors stick to the rules too much.”
7. Now if they could only make one of these that’s activated when you haven’t typed enough words.
8. Laurentian University is starting up a School of the Environment, headed by philosopher Brett Buchanan.
9. “Too many scholars keep too much to themselves” — D.E. Wittkower (Old Dominion), Evan Selinger (RIT), and Lucinda Rush (Old Dominion) discuss academics’ lack of public engagement (and also have a piece in which they focus on the problem in philosophy of technology).
10. The Victoria & Albert Museum is hunting for an edition of Plato’s works that was owned by 18th Century actor and playwright David Garrick (a student of Samuel Johnson). Do you have it?

Late Entry:
11. Is this the earliest “drowning kid” example?

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