Criticism of Colorado’s Proposed “Best Practices”

Spencer Case, a PhD student at the University of Colorado, writing in the National Review, describes and criticizes some of the practices his department is adopting in the wake of the site visit by the APA Committee on the Status of Women.

Update: Some people have asked why I have posted a link to this article. Let me say first that as a general rule, my linking to an article does not itself imply endorsement of the article’s content. I link to items that I think a good amount of my readership will be interested in knowing about. In this case, I posted a link to the article because it provides some information about what steps the Colorado department is taking to address issues of climate for women, and also because I thought philosophers would want to know that such steps are being criticized in a publication with broad circulation. That is all.

Update 2: See this post for a link to the document that lists the practices Case writes about.

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