Heap of Links

1. Tonight, some PBS television stations will be airing a documentary on Grace Lee Boggs, a 98-year-old social activist who holds a PhD in philosophy from Bryn Mawr.
2. Some of Jeremy Bentham’s writings on sex, which fit with the characteristically progressive program of early utilitarianism, have been published under the title Of Sexual Irregularities, and Other Writings on Sexual Moralityand you can read about it in The Guardian.
3. A press release provides a little more information on what the principals of The Experience Project grant are interested in learning about.
4. “These arguments have injected new life into a deterministic (as opposed to probabilistic) theory of the microscopic world first proposed, and rejected, at the birth of quantum mechanics.” Have we been wrong about quantum mechanics all along?
5. Unger explains what he means by “concretely empty ideas, whose emptiness owes to their analyticity.”
6. “The IRB might plausibly have decided that since the subjects’ environments, like those of all Facebook users, are constantly being manipulated by Facebook, the study’s risks were no greater than what the subjects experience in daily life as regular Facebook users, and so the study posed no more than “minimal risk” to them.”
7. The German professor who tweets philosophically as @NeinQuarterly is quitting academia.

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Marcus Arvan
9 years ago

Don’t believe the hype about the pilot-wave/quantum-mechanics thing. As the article states, “Quantum physicists tend to consider the findings less significant…the pilot-wave formulation of quantum mechanics…cannot even capture the physics of an ordinary light bulb.”