Heap of Links

1. Heather Douglas (Waterloo) and others on how to fix Canadian science policy (audio here).
2. “Good luck idiots. I hope you enjoy your new kangaroo overlords,” said Machiavelli.
3. A continental philosopher complains about the “imperialistic approach of analytic philosophy.”
4. How confronting moral dilemmas in a foreign language makes you more utilitarian, in The New York Times.
5. Teaching a multi-religious philosophy of religion course to a multi-religious class in Beirut, “with car bombs detonating almost every week”.
6. John Martin Fischer’s Immortality Project, in Slate.
7. A brief for the philosophy of food, by Dwight Furrow (San Diego Mesa)
8. Genoveva Marti and Edouard Machery on reference and experimental philosophy at Philosophy TV.
9. John Locke is British MP Lisa Nandy’s favorite political philosopher. See her in a brief and somewhat cheesy modern made-for-tv interview about Locke’s ideas and life.

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