Heap of Links

1. Is it exploitative or otherwise wrong to travel to Brazil to see the World Cup? Daniel Campos asks what an ethical fan should do.
2. For those continental philosophers who felt immune from Unger’s critique of analytic philosophy,there’s this: “Geuss describes teaching philosophy as ‘a mildly discreditable day job’ largely directed towards churning out the next generation of civil servants and commercial elites… there is little more to be said for the value of philosophical endeavours.”
3. What do counterexamples do? asks Moti Mizrahi (St. John’s University).
4. A new journal, RIDE, takes as its aim to review digital editions of historical and other documents and resources. Check out the editor’s statement and the inaugural issue, which contains a review of Nietzschesource.
5. How cities use design to be inhospitable to the homeless – by Robert Rosenberger (Georgia Tech). (via Robert Long)
6. Wi-Phi philosophy videos and educational service Kahn Academy have teamed up and organized a new site here.
7. Ryan Born, a Georgia State philosophy MA student graduate [correction], won author Sam Harris’s essay contest on the scientific understanding of moralityHarris responds, and Born follows up, twice, so far. (via Robert Long)
8. A brief article in the Hindustan Times about recently knighted Richard Sorabji shows that all around the world people have a common love of posting shitty comments.

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Moti Mizrahi
10 years ago

Thanks for the plug!