Heap of Links

1. Was Nietzsche a transhumanist?
2. Help get Bar Philosophi, “a mixology/craft cocktail bar with drinks inspired by conversation-inducing writers and philosophers” off the ground. (via Erich Hatala Matthes)
3. Eric Winsberg (South Florida) on the difference between an art object and a scientific model.
4. More on the Philosophy of Phish course.
5. Ariel Rubinstein’s (Tel Aviv, NYU Economics) worldwide guide to cafés where you can not only work but think. (via David Grober-Morrow)
6. The Montaigne that Shakespeare read, reviewed.
7. Get Cambridge classicist Mary Beard’s look.
8. “Try the cucumber sandwich,” the Hatter said airily. “It’s wonderful. It doesn’t exist.” “You are a parasite,” Alice said — Ayn Rand’s Alice in Wonderland.
9. The abuse of philosophy (a new series?): Ford Focus Interior Design edition.

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