Heap of Links

1. Matthew Burstein has a blog, thought.o.matt, on “academia, media, philosophy, social institutions, teaching, and technology.” Included among the posts are his annotated syllabi for courses on queer theory, philosophy and film, and the moral dimensions of power.
2. Some updates on that class photo of Wittgenstein and Hitler (scroll down).
3. Chimps perform more rationally than humans in some game theory tests.
4. Duncan Richter goes in search of the prison cell of Socrates.
5. More on the philosopher who would be Argentina’s controversial “Secretary of Coordination of Strategic Planning for National Thought.” (previously)
6. The philosophers are playing Dungeons & Dragons and it is Ladies Night.
7. Could Facebook swing an election? Some new worries for political philosophers.
8. What’s the relationship between American Pragmatism and Chinese culture?
9. “We have a persistent subversion of female filmic stereotypes, particularly through drawing attention to the way in which they pervert male perspectives” — the philosophy of femme fatales in Christopher Nolan’s films.
10. The Lover’s Fallacy.
11. What is consciousness? “What is it? That’s not very hard. Well perhaps it is.” David Papineau on mind on the radio.

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