Heap of Links

1. A defense of the lecture.
2. Harvard’s internal report on the scientific misconduct case of Marc Hauser.
3. “Socrates and the Crisis of the Universities“, a lecture by MM McCabe (video).
4. “The Philosophy” is a new shiraz-cab blend from McGuigan Wines. A bit pricier than these.
5. Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill” — non-ideal theory version.
6. “I enter the teletransporter.” One step closer?
7. Did Socrates play the harp?
8. Massimo Pigliucci asks, “What Has Philosophy Ever Done for Us?” in a short video.
9. The philosophical owl, now available as a greeting card. More wonderful animals by Grandville.
10. Internal: the threads on how much you travel for workconformity to journal stylephilosophers in government, and the pragmatism map are still open for your comments. Also, the post on philosophical critiques of Piketty has been updated with new links to critiques by others.

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