Heap of Links

1. Does the formal modeling of game theory teach us anything new? Here is a list of some counterintuitive findings, suggesting that the answer is Yes.
2. The University of Oregon has a new academic-freedom policy, and it isn’t just for faculty.
3. The New York Times has a short “op-doc” on lawyer Steven Wise’s efforts to get animals recognized as rights-bearers.
4. Philosophers of time: here are some infographics on a few movie and tv time travel plots. Of course there are also these charts for the brain-twisting movie Primer.
5. Some criticisms of “trigger warnings” on syllabi.
6. “What’s the value of these potions on the open market?” — if Ayn Rand wrote Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
7. Gregg Caruso and Neil Levy appear on Philosophy TV to discuss the relationship between consciousness and moral responsibility.
8. Tile, the tiny plastic tag you can attach to your keys or slip into your crush’s bag and then track using an app on your phone, has started shipping. Should you be freaked out?
9. This bunch may need help. I will leave it to you to decide what that means in this context.

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