New Open Access Philosophy Journal

Ergo is a new general, open access philosophy journal that launches today. In their introduction, Franz Huber and Jonathan Weisberg describe the data and other factors that led to the creation of the new journal. They also reveal their own statistics, including acceptance rates and time-to-decisions.

Besides the introduction, there are four articles in the current issue, and each is paired with a blog post elsewhere — a very clever and fitting idea for an open access journal. So, check out the articles at the journal’s home page, and then read Julia Jorati’s commentary at The Mod Squad on Paul Lodge’s paper in early modern philosophy, Anna Mahtani’s commentary at M-Phi on Michael Caie’s paper on probabilistically coherent credences, Ellen Clark’s commentary at Philosomama on a philosophy of biology paper by Christopher Hitchcock and Joel Velasco, and Thomas Nadelhoffer’s commentary at the Experimental Philosophy Blog on an x-phi paper by John Turri.

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