Heap of Links

1. Jeff Sebo talks about moral status while drawing very fast. And well. Hmmm, maybe he isn’t the one drawing.
2. If privacy is dead, perhaps we should be seeking some obscurity instead? (And here’s an article by the same authors in Wired.)
3. Jesse Prinz, who got his PhD at the University of Chicago, is profiled in the university’s magazine. Relatedly, here is a short video featuring Prinz discussing spirituality.
4. “The goal of philosophy of science is not to answer scientific questions, but to answer questions about science.” Janet Stemwedel (San Jose State) explains philosophy of science over at Scientific American.
5. Adrian Piper’s latest art installation, The Probable Trust Registry, is on display in Manhattan.
6. Recently we asked, “Would you do it over again?” Marcus Arvan takes up the question in a thoughtful post over at Philosopher’s Cocoon.
7. Strategic Misogyny is a new blog that welcomes readers to share their stories of sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault in academia.
8. Dinosaur Comics wades into the ideal/non-ideal theory discussion in political philosophy.
9. Go play in a philosophical ball pit. “Socratic dialogue is encouraged.”

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10 years ago

Check out http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=2625 for a Dinosaur Comic about the moral choices facing Superman. #2624 is about Batman’s choices. Good stuff.