Philosophers Hired Outside of Academia

At the suggestion of a friend I am creating a new page at Daily Nous for people to list their successes finding employment outside of academia. The idea of the page is to, first, show readers what some of the alternatives to academia are and give them a sense of their options, and second, to more accurately reflect the reality of the philosophy job market. So if you or another philosopher you know has recently—say, within the past two years—acquired a job outside of academia, please post details about it (at the page at this link). To the extent possible, please follow this format:

Firstname Lastname (Graduate Program attended*) hired by Employer, title, approximate start date. Previous positions.


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10 years ago

hey, cool idea. maybe you want to leave room in your format for the person to say what their job title is? we won’t know much in many cases about what sort of work the person is doing unless we know (at least) that.

Reply to  anonymous
10 years ago

Excellent suggestion. Thanks!

Justin Caouette
10 years ago

Great idea!