Laurence Goldstein (1947-2014)

Laurence Goldstein, a professor of philosophy at the University of Kent, has died. Before joining the department at Kent, Goldstein had held appointments at the University of Hong Kong as well as the Universities of Auckland, Cape Town, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Swansea, and Washington. He specialized in philosophy of logic, philosophy of language, and Wittgenstein. There is a memorial notice here.

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Alan White
Alan White
9 years ago

I knew Laurence (as I have said on New Apps) only by email correspondence, but he deeply impressed me as wise and friendly in all available senses. Every issue of Analysis will now lack my anticipation of seeing yet another witty and incisive piece by him. I wrote a tribute to him years ago on my songs page; my lyrics’ respect for him supercede my hapless pentium 2 audio recording.