Heap of Links

1. A Henry David Thoreau tumblr.
2. “Jean-Paul Sartre was literally obsessed with crabs. Also, mescaline.” That and other weird facts about some famous existentialists.
3. What can you do with a philosophy degree? Conduct secret negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas, for one. Meet Sergio Jaramillo Caro, Colombia’s high commission for peace and holder of an M.Phil in philosophy from Cambridge. (via Daniel Levine)
4. “Does Anything Really Matter or Did We Just Evolve to Think So?” — an intro text version of Sharon Street‘s evolutionary argument against moral realism.
5. What Disney’s Frozen is really about.
6. Why “queer” cases are important for the metaphysics of love.
7. “A Theory of Boardroom Justice.” Something tells me Jerry Cohen would not have been surprised.
8. Follow your dreams or develop the technology to control them? While you wait for the latter, some tips.
9. Eating cheese and death by bedsheet tangle: for the next time you need to teach your students that correlation does not imply causation.
10. A philosopher’s proposal for how to get politicians to take the interests of future generations more seriously. 
11. “In the other room, the puzzle is all together, but they keep flipping in just one piece at a time” — director David Lynch on the formation of ideas, in a short video excerpt from an interview. It may resonate with some philosophers.

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