Acknowledgments for Sale

Have you always wanted to be acknowledged in the preface of a philosophy book, but haven’t had the time or opportunity or insightfulness to do anything worthy of being so acknowledged? Or perhaps you have been thinking, “what have books done for me, lately?” Well Jason Brennan and Peter Jaworski (both of Georgetown) have something special just for you. You can purchase an acknowledgment and—if you pony up the big money—a short statement of your own, in their upcoming book, Markets Without Limits. They outline the details and prices here.

Look for the next book in this series, on philosophy of religion, the author of which is offering a three-minute prayer to the deity of your choosing if you read a draft of a chapter. The authors of a new volume on exploitation say that they will make you an offer you can’t refuse to get you to read their whole manuscript. Finally, the writer of a forthcoming book on the philosophy of lying says that everyone who buys her book will receive a check in the mail for $1 million.

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