More on the Recent Anonymous Sexual Harassment and Assault Accusations

In September of 2011, the Yale Daily News published an article that detailed two stories of sexual misconduct at Yale. Now, a woman who says she is the victim in “Case 2” in that article has claimed to be the person initiating the lawsuit mentioned in the anonymous blog post, “The Moral Philosopher and His International Affairs” (previously), and has started a site to solicit funds for her lawsuit. She writes, “I cannot identify myself but there is a professor who teaches ethics at an Ivy-League University and other renowned universities. This ethicist — a moral professor, he was — sexually harassed and assaulted me during my senior year as his advisee and attempted further violence after graduation. I went through at least seven grievance channels, and am now bringing this case to trial.”  (via Feminist Philosophers)

(Once again, please note that this post does not constitute an endorsement of the veracity of any claims made by any anonymous accusers. Nor does it constitute a recommendation to contribute money to fund anyone’s legal activities. I have no independent information regarding any of these events. I do not plan to publish comments on this post.)

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