Heap of Links

1. Want to annoy a metaphysician? Send him or her a link to this video, which purports to answer the question, “How Many Things Are There?”
2. Rousseau, pranking, and spanking.
3. You won’t believe who is saying that there is such a thing as a free lunch.
4. “Real philosophy has always flourished outside institutional walls,” says Scott Samuelson at the Huffington Post, who then goes on to recommend the study of seven philosophers who are probably known mostly to folks inside said walls. (UPDATE: Montaigne, one of the recommended philosophers, was featured in a 7-part series in The Guardian a few years back. Here is Part 1.)
5. An article about Dora Russell, “British feminist, sex radical, progressive educator, peace activist, and second wife of the philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell.”
6. The Wall Street Journal reports that philosophy, or something like it, is making its way into business school curricula, while Fast Company discusses the relevance of Aristotle to tech startups.
7. Don’t be a robot, says Evan Selinger (Rochester Institute of Technology) over at CNN.
8. Philosopher and “follower of Christ” Paul Gould (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) offers an explanation of why the Baptist Church needs philosophers.
9. In a better world, would most adjuncts be tenure-track?
10. A pop philosopher curates an art exhibition aimed at solving your personal problems (more).
11. I’m happy to admit: neither do I.
BONUS UPDATE: 12. On What Matters on what matters, the tumblr. (Not new, but new to me.)

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