Winners of the 2014 “World Thinker” Competition

You may recall that 14 philosophers were among the candidates in Prospect Magazine’s 2014 World Thinker competition. The competition is over and the results are in. Amartya Sen comes in at the top spot! Other philosophers in the top 20 include Mary Beard (7), Jürgen Habermas (12), Slavoj Žižek (14), Nick Bostrom (15), Daniel Dennett (17), Rae Langton (18), Elizabeth Anderson (19), and Martha Nussbaum (20). 

Beyond the Ivory Tower. Workshop for academics on writing short pieces for wide audiences on big questions. Taking place October 18th to 19th. Application deadline July 30th. Funding provided.
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Cambridge Don
Cambridge Don
10 years ago

I rather doubt that the wonderfully readable ancient historian Mary Beard would claim to be a philosopher …

Reply to  Cambridge Don
10 years ago

I think you are right. Thanks.