What’s the Deal with NewAPPS and Other Blogs?

Some of you may have noticed that NewAPPS, 3 Quarks Daily, and some other blogs are down. What’s up with that? Contrary to the rumors, Daily Nous has not launched distributed denial of service attacks against its competitors in an attempt to achieve complete and total domination of the philosophy blogosphere. Rather, we are doing it for ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Joking aside, this must be very frustrating for the bloggers affected. It turns out that they don’t quite know what is going on. Jon Cogburn of the aforementioned blogs writes in with some more information. The following is from him.

When we sign into Typepad we get the following message:

Please follow us on Twitter for the most current updates on this issue.

Update 21-April-2014 9:45AM PT: We’re sorry to inform you that Typepad was attacked again overnight. Our team has been working around the clock to restore service. While most blogs are available and the application is up, some mapped domains are showing a message that the domain is “unknown”, but there is no problem with the domain itself. We’re working to correct the error on our end. First, let us say how much we appreciate all members of the Typepad community. We know the last few days have been trying and stressful to you all and us. Please know you have a team of people who love Typepad who have been working and continue to work to keep Typepad up 24/7. What happened? Beginning Thursday evening, Typepad was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) off and on through today. A DDoS attack is an attempt to make services unavailable, but in no way was your Typepad account compromised. All information in your Typepad account is secure, including billing information. The attack on Typepad was similar to an attack on Basecamp which you can read about here.

The Typepad blogs and application have been restored. We put in place some roadblocks to mitigate the attack, but we are on high alert as attackers change their tactics regularly. We really appreciate all members of the Typepad community and your patience during this time. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about the attack.

This message was from yesterday morning, but as of the evening of the 22nd newapps and 3quarksdaily are still not up.

One million dollars, Jon.

UPDATE: Just checked (11:00pm EST) and NewAPPS is back online.

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Alan White
Alan White
9 years ago

The main blog is up; comments don’t appear.

Jon Cogburn
9 years ago

Justin wants another million for the comments to start working. We’ve been up all night concocting crazy schemes to get the extra dough.

Matt Burstein
Matt Burstein
9 years ago

Jon, I think this calls for sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads.