100 Philosophers / 100 Artworks / 100 Words

What a great idea! Aesthetics for Birds has begun a series in which 100 philosophers will each discuss one work of art in 100 words. 

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Christy Mag Uidhir
10 years ago

As you all are now aware I’ve started a new series at Aesthetics for Birds called

100 Philosophers, 100 Artworks, 100 Words

that will feature philosophers writing about their favorite artworks using 100 words or fewer. Any philosopher may submit an entry to this series. Entries should have the following form:

Artwork/Artist/Date: The work you select needn’t be restricted to those within the traditional fine arts but instead may be a work of commercial/mass art or any non-traditional art.

E.g., paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, photographs, poems, novels, short stories, films, television shows, dance, opera, concertos, symphonies, songs, musical performances, plays, theatrical performances, conceptual art, performance art, installation art, video art, computer art, essays, fashion, video games, weaving, buildings, design, etc.

Brief Description of the Work: (material, medium, genre, duration, location, category, etc.)

E.g., [Painting, Oil on Canvas, 184.5 x 128.9cm], [Sculpture, Waterproof Steel,158 x 982 x 482 inches], [Found Object, bicycle seat & handlebars], [Piano Concerto, E-flat major, K. 271]

Reasons for Selecting: In 100 Words or fewer, explain why you find the work especially artistically/aesthetically/philosophically noteworthy, rewarding, compelling, pleasing, interesting, innovative, etc.

E.g., The only thing more arresting than the image of a sad clown is that image on black velvet. I laughed. I cried. It was better than Cats. I will look at it again…and again…and again.

Also, if possible, please provide an image or some such equivalent in the appropriate modality.

There’s no schedule or deadlines. When you get the chance, just complete your entry and send it to me ([email protected]). That’s it.

All the best,

Christy Mag Uidhir