Accessing PhilPapers From Campus

PhilPapers announces that starting on July 1st, 2014, full access to the PhilPapers site from an institution of higher education will be by institutional subscription only. You will still be able to access the full site for free while off-campus, but if you want to access it all on campus you’ll need to get your library to subscribe. Given how long that could take, you may wish to consider contacting your library representative as soon as possible. Details here.

UPDATE (4/15/2014): This post is slightly incorrect. It is not the case that starting on July 1st full access to PhilPapers via an institution of higher learning will be restricted to those whose institutions subscribe. Rather: “Initially access restrictions will take the form of banners and data throttling for users accessing the PhilPapers website from an institutional IP address. This will enable those users to use PhilPapers, although not under ideal conditions. In the longer term we may impose stronger access restrictions.” Thanks to an anonymous reader for pointing this out.

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