You’ve Got To Know When To Tollens…

Professional poker player Sam Holden will be walking away from the table to pursue a degree in philosophy at the University of Kent. Story here.

At his blog, Holden writes:

Over the past few years, before properly considering life after poker, I’ve tried to embrace my inner geek. I find myself listening to debates, podcasts, lectures and speeches whilst playing online. I’ve also started to develop some pretty strong opinions on politics and ethics, a position opposed to my previous relentless fence-sitting stance. This passion for what I think is right in the world, has spurred me further in to the arts, and I find myself reading more than ever. Above all else, I really want to question every opinion, to listen to others and be consistently sceptical of my own views. I am drawn to philosophy for those reasons and I am really enjoying the challenge of looking at every argument from several angles.

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