Objections Raised to Chalmers’ Haircut (Daily Mousse)

A recent conference at Paul Mitchell University took as its focus some new work on philosophers of mind. Dominating the event were several sessions on David Chalmers’ new haircut (‘before’ photo here). A panel on Chalmers and other rockstars favorably compared his transformation with those of David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi. However, there was also some criticism. “He has lost all credibility,” said one panelist, continuing, “There is no way you can make the case for extended conditioner with hair that short.” Another panelist argued that the haircut made Chalmers’ work pointless. “What hard problem of consciousness?” she asked, shaking her head at a recent picture of the philosopher. “There was once those long luscious locks, and now I look at him and feel nothing. Nothing.”

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