News Scrunchie (Daily Mousse)

1. L. A. Paul has a new article on the lack of rationality involved in hairstyle choices called, “What You Can’t Expect When You’re Expecting To Have Your Life Totally Transformed By a Kicky New Look.”

2. Presence of bald man in first row has rest of audience absolutely riveted during APA session on vagueness.

3. Derek Parfit grows out “mad bangs” to test self-effacing theories.

4. Glamour Magazine just published a 1978 interview with Wilfrid Sellars they found in their files. In it, Sellars describes the kind of work he takes himself to be involved in as “the attempt to see how hairs, in the broadest sense of the perm, hang together, in the broadest sense of the perm.”

5. Philosophy & Pubic Affairs continues to be the philosophy journal most frequently reported stolen from library collections.

6. Experimental philosophers reveal new finding: while people with “faux-hawks” are held morally responsible for their own haircuts, when it comes to actual mohawks, everyone blames the parents.

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