From Nous to Mousse

A recent argument from David Killoren (Coastal Carolina) has convinced me to shift the direction of the blog. He writes:

Case 1: You’re looking at the Daily Nous banner logo. Case 2: You’re looking at a hair salon’s logo circa 1986. How can you distinguish these experiences? A skeptical problem.

I have tangled privately with this for some time, but now it is time to come clean about my own view of the matter. I have to admit, it’s a wash, and maybe it is time for a new style. While there have been some highlights for me so far, I am now changing how I determine whether a news item makes the cut. I promise, this is no mere comb-over–there will be several layers of real differences. I don’t know if they will be permanent, but rest assured that I am committed to putting out good product. Readers, welcome to a new month, and welcome to a new blog. I give you: Daily Mousse: A Source for News about the Philosophy Profession’s Hair.

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