From Nous to Mousse

A recent argument from David Killoren (Coastal Carolina) has convinced me to shift the direction of the blog. He writes:

Case 1: You’re looking at the Daily Nous banner logo. Case 2: You’re looking at a hair salon’s logo circa 1986. How can you distinguish these experiences? A skeptical problem.

I have tangled privately with this for some time, but now it is time to come clean about my own view of the matter. I have to admit, it’s a wash, and maybe it is time for a new style. While there have been some highlights for me so far, I am now changing how I determine whether a news item makes the cut. I promise, this is no mere comb-over–there will be several layers of real differences. I don’t know if they will be permanent, but rest assured that I am committed to putting out good product. Readers, welcome to a new month, and welcome to a new blog. I give you: Daily Mousse: A Source for News about the Philosophy Profession’s Hair.

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Thomas Brouwer
10 years ago

A very positive change, I think. I am a philosopher with, if I may say so myself, very good hair, and I’m often frustrated by how little comment my hair receives at seminars, workshops and the like. I feel that there is something of a conspiracy of silence in the philosophy community when it comes to outstanding hair. I applaud you for breaking the silence.

Jon Banks
Jon Banks
10 years ago

I disagree. This is just one more in long list of examples of how the haired elite dominate the philosophical landscape, whilst the follically challenged minority suffer in silence. It’s time that we shake off the stereotype threat associated with having rubbish, little, or no hair, and address the implicit career advantages received by the likes of Thomas Brouwer.

How many grad students in top departments have no hair? Our discipline should be embarrassed by how few! In fact it’s not until they reach the most senior levels of the profession that most professors feel comfortable to admit that they are in fact bald, and promptly remove the toupees they’ve been wearing for years.

In fact, just recently I read a blog comment where an anonymous user under the pseudonym ‘currently bald student’ was told that they should leave the profession immediately. The last thing that philosophy needs is another high profile coiffure-scandal. The proposed change will only legitimise this behaviour, and show us for the un-progressive, narrow minded discipline we are. And that’s NOT philosophy! That’s not even logic!

Dean Zimmerman
Dean Zimmerman
10 years ago

I generally don’t have time to read philosophy blogs, even though I know that a few of them have excellent, substantive content. Now that yours has brought attention to this important but often overlooked aspect of our professional lives, I’ll certainly be checking it regularly.