When Do You Write?

This informative and well-designed poster illustrates the work habits and daily routines of a number of famous “creatives,” including Kant. If it is to be believed, Kant wrote from 6-7am.  Wait, what? One hour a day?  Well if you add up enough days…

How about philosophers today? When do you typically get your writing done? Answer in the poll below, picking the one answer that most matches up with your habits. We will then use a sophisticated algorithm that cross-references your graduate institution, current workplace, and publication record, with measures of journal impact, citation records, and professional reputation to calculate the exact best minute of the day to write. It will be interesting to see whether 7:17am retains its number one position or slips below 11:59pm, which tends to make a strong showing late in the polling.*

[polldaddy poll=7926142]


* Just kidding. The poll is anonymous.

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