Heap of Links

1. A philosophy undergrad reflects on anxiety and racial stereotypes in philosophy teaching (via Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins, who shares her thoughts on the post here.)

2. At North Idaho College, the philosophy club arranged an event at which “impassioned students met with faculty to discuss the possibility of adding three classes into the curriculum.” The meeting and some of the issues surrounding it are reported in this article in the student newspaper. The article is nothing special, written with the kind of focused earnestness that is used as a comical device in publications like The Onion, and on the face of it this is a story that seems like it would be of interest only to the people who are mentioned in it. But there are some elements here that suggest there is a larger cultural story to be told. First, the students care enough about the philosophy curriculum to put on a meeting about it with the faculty. Second, where is this happening? Not at the kind of institution of higher learning you likely would imagine, but at a regional community college, which certainly cuts against stereotype! Third, there is the question of the relationship between 2- and 4-year institutions and the extent to which the latter should accept credit for philosophy coursework at the former.

3. But if it can wait, isn’t it in the future, and so…?

4. Daniel Fincke, the former philosophy adjunct who left academia to start his own philosophy enterprise, provides a lengthy response to God Is Not Dead, the new movie starring Kevin Sorbo as a caricature of a philosophy professor, set in an alternative world in which theists are oppressed for their beliefs. David Kyle Johnson, a philosopher at King’s College, provides another review of the movie in Psychology Today.

5. Product design gone wrong. Or, a visual lesson in how to appreciate the ordinary. I love the wine glass. And the broom.

6. A defense of studying philosophy in The Wall Street Journal, which you probably cannot access because it is currently behind a paywall and you are a philosopher.

7. Reflections on creativity, loneliness, power, and cooperation–in Minecraft and other video games.

8. This week’s best headline with the word “philosophy” in it: “Star Horse Trainer of ‘Walking Dead’ Fame Brings His Philosophy to North Georgia Ranch“.

9. Listen to Nietzsche’s music.

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