APA Data on Graduate Programs

The APA has released its 2013 Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy, and Andrew Carson at Philosophy News helpfully breaks down the information in a couple of reports, one on degrees awarded and time to degree, the other on attrition and placement. A few things to note: participation in the guide was voluntary and some schools did not participate, the data is self-reported and has not been independently verified, and it covers the years 2008-2013. Some of the data: 

  • A total of 1544 students graduated from/left these programs from 2008-2013.This total is comprised of 71% men, 26% women, and 3% other.
  • The average time to complete a PhD in philosophy is about 7 years.
  • Across all schools, men and women both have an average attrition rate of 17%; men and women both have an average completion rate of 83% [though Philosophy News goes on to say this: “The average in school difference in attrition is 3% higher for women.”]
  • The average school has 44% Non Tenure Track placements, 43% Tenure Track placements, 9% Unplaced placements, and 4% Unknown placements.
  • Across all schools, 40% of men are placed into Tenure Track positions and 53% of women are placed into Tenure Track positions.

Lots more data at the links above.

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