On the Write Track

Amtrak is offering writing residencies aboard its trains. Lasting from two to five days, the residencies are roundtrip journeys that include accommodations on board a sleeper car equipped with a bed, a desk, and outlets. The program is open to all sorts of writers, not just philosophers. Amtrak says that “A passion for writing and an aspiration to travel with Amtrak for inspiration are the sole criteria for selection,” so it does not seem that philosophers who have worked on related problems will have any advantage, alas. Apply here.

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10 years ago

Just a heads up: I’d read the terms pretty carefully before applying. For one, it looks like your application can be used in their ads even if you aren’t selected for the residency.

10 years ago

24 allows sufficiently many divisions to indulge yourself in many trolley problems over the whole five days including the possible effects of (ethical/verbal) derailment.