AQ (asked questions)

1. Isn’t it supposed to be FAQ? So WTF (Where’s The “F”)? The truth of the matter is that this blog hasn’t been around long enough for any question to really have been asked frequently. Nonetheless, I have been asked some questions about this blog, and thought I might say a few words in response.

2. Is this blog an attack on Brian Leiter? Nope. Like many in philosophy, I have a sincere appreciation for Professor Leiter’s efforts over the years to disseminate information about the profession that had typically been known to and controlled by relative elites. It is in that same spirit that I created Daily Nous.

3. Have you heard that the APA may be starting its own news website? Yes I have, and I think that would be a great idea, too.

4. Well, between Leiter and the APA and NewApps and Feminist Philosophers and The Philosophy Smoker and so on, isn’t there enough philosophy news? I was saying the same thing the other day about ice cream. They should have just quit after vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. And mint chip.

5. Is that analogy really apt? Probably not.

6. So why create a new philosophy news site? My sense from observing the current scene and conversing with my friends in philosophy is that people want to be informed about what is going on in the profession, but are a bit weary of some of the current providers of that information. Daily Nous aims to provide information about the profession and to do so in a less-weariness-inducing way. We’ll see if it works.

7. Will it work? Uh, can you give me a little time here? The success of this site will depend largely on the willingness of folks in the profession to send me information they are interested in sharing. My massive network of spies and vast array of surveillance equipment can only do so much on their own.

8. Will you host discussions of controversial matters related to the philosophy profession on your site? Maybe. It depends on the matters and on how much time I have to moderate the comments.

9. Is there a comments policy? Yes. The comments policy is this: before you comment, imagine the following. You are seated in a comfortable chair at a table with all of the other commentators. You have gathered to discuss an issue of mutual concern, and you are aiming to learn something from the conversation. Take off your shoes if you’d like. Wriggle your toes. Appreciate the wonders of everyday life in the twenty-first century. On the table in front of you is your favorite beverage. Through the window is your favorite view. And seated next to you is a child, who you brought with you for a lesson on how to discuss controversial issues with strangers. Are you imagining all of that? Okay, now try commenting.

10. What if I have a question you didn’t answer? Feel free to ask.

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Lady Day
10 years ago

This is lovely and really exciting. Your comments policy alone is worth the price of admission. Very best of luck with the blog!

10 years ago


Noelle McAfee
10 years ago

This is indeed a great addition to the philosophy blogosphere. Is there a way to subscribe to get new posts by email? Well, now I see below this comments box a way a little box to check off. You might want to put something on the page itself. (Or maybe it’s there and I’m just not seeing it.)