Philosophy Threatened at Newcastle (Australia)

Under a proposed reorganization of its curriculum, the University of Newcastle, which advertises itself as a “world class university” would eliminate the possibility of students majoring in philosophy, along with 80% of its philosophy faculty.

The Newcastle Herald reports that philosophy and classics are “under review in a redesign of Humanities and Social Science, with proposals to downgrade them from majors within the Bachelor of Arts degree.”

If the proposals are approved, “four out of the five present philosophy lecturers would go.”

Catharine Coleborne, Head of Newcastle’s School of Humanities and Social Science and Dean of Arts, says that “philosophy content will be incorporated into the core courses of the degree.” It was not explained how this would be done competently with all but one of the philosophy faculty members fired.

The Herald reports her as saying that these changes to the curriculum would “promote engagement with industry and teach ‘transferable capabilities.'”

The faculty union has been protesting the proposed changes.

More here.

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