Poll: Impact of Academic Boycott of the US on Philosophy Conferences

Over 5000 academics have signed on to a statement “pledging not to attend international conferences in the US” so long as the travel ban (which denies entry to the US by people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia) issued by Donald Trump in an executive order on January 27th  is in effect. 

The Executive Order states that the travel ban will be in place for 90 days (until April 27th, 2017), though Trump could extend it. Falling within this time period are the American Philosophical Association’s Central and Pacific Division Meetings, with the former running from March 1st – 4th, and the latter from April 12th – 15th.

Some readers have expressed interest in and concern about how the academic boycott will be affecting these meetings. To learn more about this, I’ve set up two polls below. The first is only for those who, prior to Trump’s immigration order, were planning on attending either the Central or Pacific APA Meetings. The second is for any academic.



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