The Pathologies of Philosophers


Pathologies of Philosophers
an incomplete list

Enthymemalysis – the inability to proceed with a conversation because one’s interlocutor has neglected to explicitly state a step in their thinking that any normal listener would have automatically filled in.

Megaphilomania – the delusion that philosophers are the only ones who have had something important or valuable to say about a subject matter.

Phillucination – a perceptual experience of simplicity in the absence of any external stimulus to that effect, mistakenly believed by the subject to be real.

Monoprinicipalis – the tendency of one party to assume that a second party’s set of views or behaviors is explained by a single principle, knowable to the first party, to which the second party must—on pain of inconsistency—be committed. (Often co-present with phillucination.)

Argumentarrhea – a condition in which arguments are discharged from the mouth frequently and seemingly uncontrollably.


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