How To Find A Philosophy Tutor or Mentor

A student in the University of London’s distance undergraduate international program who is majoring in philosophy is seeking advice on how to get help with her studies. She writes:

I was curious if you could tell me or ask the community for me, how to best go about inquiring about a professor or philosopher who could mentor me as I pursue the UoL international program (Philosophy BA). You previously discussed the potential for admission into a good grad program after long distance undergraduate studies on your blog at one point [here]. My goal is a PhD, so that was a very useful post.

Many students of UoL seem to have obtained tutors, who they pay for per Skype session or per paper edited and reviewed. UoL International program’s lack of professors or course work is concerning in some ways. I’d like to develop one or more such relationships to help supplement my studies, so I can grow and learn as much as possible philosophically and academically. So I’m curious if anyone can help me locate a compatible and willing professor of philosophy (or many) who would be willing to work with me on my academic pursuits.

What might motivate someone to help me in this way? (Besides money, though estimates of what one might hope for in such a relationship would be useful feedback too).

Thank you!

General answers about seeking mentorship in this kind of situation and related comments on this are welcome, as I suspect this particular student is not the only one with questions along these lines. (If you’d be interested in learning more about this student with the idea of taking on this particular mentoring position, feel free to say so in the comments or email me and I can put you and the student in touch.)

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