Western Illinois University Loses Its Philosophy Major

The Board of Trustees of Western Illinois University (WIU), following up on its previously announced plans, ignored substantial opposition and voted unanimously this past Friday to eliminate its school’s philosophy major (along with majors in African-American studies, religious studies, and women’s studies).

Western’s interim provost and academic vice president, Kathy Neumann, who had proposed the eliminations, said:

I… want to make sure everybody fully realizes that the minors are not going to go away and that the offerings in general education are not going away. All those content areas will be represented in general education. All the students who are currently enrolled in those majors will finish out those degree programs. So all those things will stay intact.

Eliminating the majors may result in employees being laid off, according to the resolution the Trustees approved.

WIU philosophy professor Christopher Pynes describes the events leading up to the elimination of the philosophy major, along with some concerns and questions about the decision, here. He asks: “Is the study of philosophy to be reserved only for students who attend flagship or private universities?”


Because of all the money we're saving! By eliminating the philosophy major! Don't ask too many questions!

Because of all the money we’re saving! By eliminating the philosophy major! Don’t ask too many questions!

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