Keeping Philosophical between Undergrad and Grad

A reader writes in:

I am planning on applying to graduate school in philosophy for 2017. However, I graduated from my undergraduate institution a few years ago and have been doing non-philosophy things since. I’m looking for opportunities to get (re)involved in philosophy, but pretty much everything I’ve found (institutes, journals, etc.) is either for current undergraduates or for those already in graduate school/ who have professional credentials. Is there anything out there that is accessible for those people “between” levels of education? Any suggestions would be excellent. I’m sure other people are in a similar situation—it seems more and more common that individuals delay applying to graduate school these days—and would appreciate ideas as well.

One possibility is to take graduate courses as a non-degree student. If there is a graduate program nearby, you might consider asking them. Readers, what are your ideas?

(Red, Black and White - by Terry Frost)

(Red, Black and White – by Terry Frost)

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