Philosopher’s Guide to Bookstores

Philosopher’s Guide to Bookstores

Is the best Manhattan bookstore for Nietzsche lovers East Village Books (slogan: so hardcore a bookstore that our website doesn’t work)? That’s what Stephanie Kotsikonas, a journalism student at CUNY reports in a post at her class blog, Journalistic Blogging, along with information about other bookstores in Manhattan with good philosophy sections. (UPDATE: the post has been moved here.)

Not having lived anywhere near New York for years, I’m not in a position to assess her recommendations. There’s nothing about pyramids and crystals in her descriptions, so I’m willing to give her some benefit of the doubt, but I bet there is more expert opinion available. Let’s ask the readers. Is her list a good one? Has she missed any? And let’s not limit ourselves to Manhattan—we can aim for a guide with global scope. Philosophers, which of the world’s “brick and mortar” bookstores have notably good selections of philosophy books?

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