Tyron Goldschmidt Has Written Nothing To Deserve A Drink

…so make sure you buy him one next time you see him. Goldschmidt, a visiting assistant professor of philosophy at Wake Forest University, has just published, in Dialectica, “A Demonstration of the Causal Power of Absences.” I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing the article in whole, below, to save folks who lack institutional access to Dialectica the $38 PDF download fee. Here it is, in its entirety:

goldschmmidt - demonstration causal power absences

Well done, Dr. Goldschmidt.

But not everyone is amused. There’s at least one serious response, authored by Nathan Wildman and Neil McDonnell (Hamburg). And in my inbox this morning was an email with a link to the paper and the following commentary:

I’d love some discussion of this on Daily Nous. Is it appropriate for a purportedly professional journal to publish what is basically a joke? Was this article reviewed? What crazy reviewer said ‘accept’? Have the editors lost their minds? I think publishing jokes is insulting to the community and to Dialectica’s authors.

Of course, I’m wondering if this email is sincere or itself written as a joke. It’s like a Borges story over here this morning. Anyway, if it’s sincere, I’d just repeat a nugget of wisdom from an old professor of mine: one can be serious without being somber.

Goldschmidt’s paper reminded me of the classic, “The World’s Greatest Law Review Article” — but that’s in law. There have got to be others in philosophy. Readers?


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