The Most Popular Philosophy Videos

Kelly Truelove compiles data about the online activities of philosophers, astronomers, physicists, and others, under the handle @TrueSciPhi. Recently, at his site, he posted about the most popular online philosophy videos.

In the “Under 20 Minutes” category, the most popular items over the past year have been offerings from 8-Bit Philosophy and The School of Life, with Wi-Phi and PhilosophyTube making a strong showing, too.

In the “Over 20 Minutes” category for the past year, here are the top 10:

popular philosophy videos longer than 20 minutes

You can also look at the results for the past month, quarter, and overall. The most popular philosophy video on YouTube of all time, with over 6.2 million hits, is the first lecture from Michael Sandel’s Justice course. It starts with the trolley problem.

Is there a lesson in this data for philosophers interested in bringing philosophy to the public?

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