Back to the Future Day: To When Should A Philosopher from 2015 Go?

Back to the Future Day: To When Should A Philosopher from 2015 Go?

In the movie Back to the Future II, Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel 30 years into the future, to today, October 21st, 2015. The movie was ahead of its time, at least when it came to marketing, apparently.

The movie also raised an important question which, alas, is still with us today, namely:
where is my hoverboard?

(No, these really aren’t quite it.)

And, of course, the movie raised questions about time travel. Joining in the day’s fun are philosophy and physics faculty at William & Mary who were asked “whether it’s possible to really go back to the future, plus a bunch of other stuff about movies, time and how their disciplines deal with these mysteries.” Here are philosophers Chad Vance and Aaron Griffith with some time travel basics and how they relate to the movie:

(via Cortney Langley)

Also, over at Open Mind, a journalist consults with Sara Bernstein (Duke) about the movie and time travel, who tells us that the plot of the movie is logically impossible.

Though the Back to the Future series is not the only movie franchise to involve time travel (see these charts) nor the most complicated (see Primer), we can nonetheless make use of Back to the Future day to ask:

If a philosopher from 2015 could travel to any time just to do some philosophy then, to when should they go, and why? When would you go?

back to the future ii hoverboard

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