Why Did You Go Into Philosophy? [reposting]

Why Did You Go Into Philosophy? [reposting]

Note, October 7, 2016: This post was published nearly two years ago. Today is not World Philosophy Day. I’m bringing the post to the top of the page because sometimes one needs a reminder.

It’s World Philosophy Day, but for some reason my school is not giving me the day off.  What’s up with that?

Anyway, let’s do something to mark the day. The profession has had its share of bad news and controversy lately, and much of that has filled the pages of Daily Nous. Let’s take a break from that for a moment, right here, and recall what it is that’s so attractive about philosophy. Temporarily leave the problems aside and take a moment to focus on what initially moved you to take up this work, and share it here in a sentence or two. Why did you go into philosophy?

[Note that the original “likes” on comments for many old posts such as this one were inadvertently reset during a previous update.]

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