Philosopher App Store (Friday Fun — an occasional series)

It’s Friday, and it is apparently a slow news day in the world of philosophy, so let’s make some fun. The Philosopher App Store is an idea some FB friends and I had a good time with several months back. At the time, one of them said, “someone needs to to post this on a blog.” Who am I to disagree? Here are some of my contributions from the first iteration of the store. Feel free to add your own. You can be playful, but please don’t be mean.

Nagelvision – Splitscreen video app simultaneously records from front and back cameras, giving you both the personal and impersonal points of view.

Singer Song Writer – Sends you an email after every iTunes purchase to tell you how many lives you could have saved with the money you spent buying songs.

Scanlow – Scans a product’s barcode for nearby deals on it that no one could reasonably reject.

Leiter Fluid – An interactive phrasebook that tells you just what to say to start a heated conversation.

NorCross-Trainer – An exercise app that calculates the pace, duration, effectiveness, and intensity of one’s jokes.

bEstlund – In the spirit of Sim City and Civilization, players of this strategy game devise the most perfectly just rules for a society—and the perfectly just people to live by them!

Kuklaburra – a special edition of Angry Birds, in which the birds lay eggs while resisting attempts to be placed in a slingshot (or any position they don’t want to be in) while also fighting chauvinist pigs.

Kamm-R-Uh – This camera app shows you exactly how things look to Frances Kamm, in ultra HD.

E. Harmany – Dating app that’s guaranteed to benefit you by causing you to have a benefit, namely, an encounter with that special someone. Note: E.Harmany does not guarantee that you will be better off than you otherwise would have been had you not used E.Harmany.

GoodinPlenty – With this productivity app, it’ll be as if you’re 12 hours ahead of everyone else. Helps you work efficiently by identifying the projects on which you should or should not settle for less, leaving you with plenty of discretionary time at the end of the day.

HaleStorm – Weather app with a special feature that tracks your daily activities to detect when your actions wrong the environment—even when those actions make no difference to the environment!

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