Philosophers Called “Brilliant” More Than Other Profs (On Stupid Website)

Philosophers Called “Brilliant” More Than Other Profs (On Stupid Website)

The Economist analysed 1,289,407 reviews of 1,066 professors and lecturers in New York and has reported on some of its findings. Among them is the nugget that instructors of philosophy, compared with other disciplines, are most often described as “brilliant” by their students. According to the article, “an adoring student termed her teacher ‘a philosophy love-God’, and remarked that her life’s goal was to ‘become the mother of his million intellectual babies’.”

Meanwhile, instructors of mathematics are the ones most often described as “horrible.” Sorry, mathematician friends.

Fitting with other studies of student evaluations of teachers and bias, women instructors are less frequently described as “brilliant” than men are and more frequently described as “horrible” than men are.

Economist brilliant horrible professors

As this is data, it is based on self-selected, anonymous contributions to a website that asks students to rate their instructors on helpfulness, clarity, easiness, and hotness, so it is unclear whether this constitutes bragging material.

(via David Grober-Morrow)

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