The Best Philosophy Articles on Race and Gender

The selections for the latest Philosopher’s Annual, which takes as its goal “to select the ten best articles published in philosophy each year—an attempt as simple to state as it is admittedly impossible to fulfill” have been made. At the Philosop-her blog, Meena Krishnamurthy (Manitoba) notes that the latest volume, unlike any over the past decade, includes articles in mainstream political philosophy. However, she also notes that Philosopher’s Annual has included only four articles on the philosophy of race or philosophy of gender since 2000. These four are:

· Sally Haslanger,”Gender and Race: (What) Are They? (What) Do We Want Them To Be?” (2000)
· Robert Bernasconi, “Who Invented the Concept of Race?” (2001)
· Karen Jones, “The Politics of Credibility” (2002)
· Sally Haslanger, “But Mom, Crop Tops Are Cute! Social Knowledge, Social Structure, and Ideology Critique” (2007)

Counting Haslanger’s 2000 article twice (once for gender, once for race) Krishnamurthy writes:

It cannot possibly be true that of the very best articles in philosophy since 2000 that only 5 of the best articles are in the area of race and gender. That we are led to this conclusion by the PA may suggest that there is something wrong with the methodology behind the PA.  

Not that there aren’t better or worse philosophy articles, but certainly there is going to be disagreement over what we could possibly mean by the best philosophy articles, a difficulty that Philosopher’s Annual seems to acknowledge with its goal statement, quoted above. So rather than attempt to suggest fixes to the methodology behind the Philosopher’s Annual, let’s instead create a helpful list for those looking for what’s missing there. Besides the four articles noted above, what have been “the best” articles on the philosophy of race and/or the philosophy of gender since 2000?

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