Philosophy of Psychiatry: a Journal’s 30th Anniversary & Recent Developments in the Field

How has philosophy of psychiatry developed over the past few decades, and what questions and subjects currently captivate researchers in this interdisciplinary area? On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology, two of its senior editors, Awais Aftab (Case Western) and Nancy Nyquist Potter (Louisville) survey developments in philosophy of psychiatry over the past three decades. Celebrating 30 Years of Philosophy of Psychiatry by Awais Aftab and Nancy Nyquist Potter The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry (AAPP) was organized in 1989 to foster investigation and debate across philosophy, psychiatry, and other psy-disciplines. A few years later the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology (PPP) was founded by AAPP, in cooperation with the International Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry and the Philosophy Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK). The journal is published by Johns Hopkins University Press and this year the journal is publishing its 30th volume. A series of editorials in the 30th anniversary issue of PPP offers a snapshot of many contemporary concerns that animate the academic philosophy of psychiatry community. PPP has been a locus of seminal philosophical work in philosophy of psychiatry, psychology, and madness, and a great deal of its success is owed to the fact that it is embedded in a larger network of conferences, blogs, dialogues, and research that foster collaboration, dialogue, research, and critique. Reflective of the broader field itself, PPP has maintained a strong interdisciplinary spirit and is invested in facilitating a meaningful dialogue between philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and scholars from related disciplines. In recent years, PPP has also committed to publishing the winning paper of the Karl Jaspers Award, which is an award given annually by AAPP to the best unpublished paper related to philosophy and psychiatry by a trainee in the disciplines of philosophy, psychiatry, or psychology. By doing so, PPP has highlighted and drawn attention to important, at times groundbreaking, work being done by trainees, in addition to academics in various stages of their careers. In the remainder of this guest post, we identify some prominent developments in philosophy of psychiatry over the past 3 decades, noting issues that have sparked articles and conversations, and future directions for the … Continue reading Philosophy of Psychiatry: a Journal’s 30th Anniversary & Recent Developments in the Field