Philosophy Departments Under Threat: Information, Pro-Active Strategies, Defense

(Moving this to the top of the page to solicit more responses.)

Many philosophy departments and programs have been targeted for cuts or elimination over the past several years, and many currently are undergoing reviews by administrators looking to make budget cuts or other changes that may end up negatively affecting philosophy departments. 

Prompted by his own university initiating a “program analysis and alignment” process—the results of which will be that each program/department will be flagged for “enhancement,” “maintenance,” “reduction/reorganization,” or “sunsetting”—a philosopher contacted me with the idea of creating space at Daily Nous that could serve as a place for:

  • collecting information about the types of potential threats to philosophy departments, programs, and faculty,
  • identifying the institutions at which these potential threats are taking place,
  • strategizing about ways to survive threats and successfully make it through program reviews,
  • collaborating on the finding or creating of useful resources,
  • brainstorming about how to pro-actively position departments and programs so that they are relatively safe from threat,
  • commiserating about these challenges.

I think this is a good idea.

We’ll start with this post, and if there is sufficient interest and activity, I may create a separate page at the site, perhaps supplemented with a publicly-accessible spreadsheet of information. For now, please use the comments on this post for discussion of the items bullet-pointed above, as well as related topics.

(Please note: I’m aware that some people believe that some philosophy departments, programs, courses, and jobs should be eliminated; this post is not the place to advance or discuss that view.)

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