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Six Month Status Report

Daily Nous began on the first Friday in March, and now it is the first Friday in September. It’s six months old, so still a baby, but nonetheless this seems like a good enough occasion to bore you with some blogging about the blog.

1. First things first.
THANK YOU! Daily Nous is still alive, and doing pretty well, as you’ll see, and of course that is owed to you: t..


1. “Sometimes a deepening of a view may go so deep as to change its character without actually changing its letter,” says Joseph Raz (King’s College, London), in a wide-ranging interview at 3am Magazine.
2. Huw Price (Cambridge) is part of “The scientific A-Team saving the world from killer viruses, rogue AI and the paperclip apocalypse.”
3. A Time Travel Dialogue by John Carroll (NC State) is a new release from Open Book Publishers, which makes freely accessible online versions of all of its publications. An article about the book, which Carroll wrote with his students, is here.
4. “After death, nobody’s life should be off limits to researchers,” says history and science writer Jack El-Hai.
5. Do we really live in a two-dimensional hologram?
6. “Finnish avant garde composer and musician M.A. Numminen… caused a stir in the 60s by setting sex guides to music” and recently “took it upon himself to do the same for many of the Tractatus’s propositions.”
7. “I’m making this animation about a philosophy book, and by the way it has nine directors attached to it, they all have different styles, nothing looks the same, and it’s 2D. But don’t worry because the author is Lebanese,” says Salma Hayek.
8. “Man the killer ape versus man the benign, noble savage.” David Livingstone Smith (University of New England) is interviewed for the documentary Man’s First War.
9Peter Momtchiloff, who has been the philosophy editor at Oxford University Press for over 20 years, is interviewed at Aesthetics for Birds.
10. Luciano Floridi (Oxford) on the value of uncertainty.
11. Students, are your parents upset by your liberal arts degree? This chart may be of help.
12. What would a philosopher king really be like?

BONUS UPDATE: “What Mary Didn’t Know” — Dorian Electra & the Electrodes rock out to Frank Jackson’s famous thought experiment. (via David Chalmers)


Philosophy Tag

In our last round, Charlie Kurth (Washington University in St. Louis) was tagged by Gillian Russell (Washington University in St. Louis), a tag that was geographically close but one that boldly shifted the game from the epistemology of logic to moral psychology. Now it’s time for Kurth to make his move:

Practical reflection is having a hard time of it. Wherea..


Professional Philosophers in Industry

Professional Philosophers in Industry is a LinkedIn group for philosophers who have left academic philosophy. “The purpose of this group is to provide professional philosophers who work (or seek to work) outside of traditional academic settings an opportunity to network, share information and opportunities, and generally pursue their professional development. Member..


Judges Citing Philosophers, Kant Edition

Last week we had a judge citing Mill in a rather complicated case in England. This week we have a judge citing Kant in a rather straightforward case in the United States. The judge apparently needed Kant to weigh in on the sentencing of a tire slasher:

Instead of sending David Toledo, 46, to state prison for the recommended five to 10 years, Common Pleas Judge Edwa..